Monday, December 07, 2009

Big foot

I'm waiting for pictures from hunlin's camera/laptop before I can properly update about eeling's trip here in Melbourne. Which reminds me, I haven't even updated about my Sydney trip.. which was wonderful!

I was going through my pictures and I found these.
Hunlin and I needed new flip flops for summer cause our old ones gave up on us already. And we didn't really need em over winter. So we went to Jety Surf on Bourke Street Mall to get ourselves a pair of Havaianas flipflop each. I got a brown one, the same colour like the one I had before cause I think brown suits me. He got a black one with green lining. He likes green all of a sudden.

After deciding on our colours and sizes, we went to the counter to pay. They packed up both our pairs and handed us THIS.

Apparently, we get one free for every purchase of two pairs of Havaianas. We asked for a green one but yellow was all they had left.

Since they didn't have a bag big enough to fit this thingy, I had to carry it all the way back to our place. It was a 15 minute walk back, so you can imagine the stares we had. But it was all good. It was a hot and sunny day then, so it was kinda alright looking like that on the streets of Melbourne.

It was a huge flip flop.
comparable to the height of our fan
definitely not my size.

There were also some photos of 'Olivia helps with Christmas' by Myers on Bourke Street Mall too. It's this thing that Myers put up every year over Christmas, with a short story and moving thing-ys.
The picture is really dark because we were there at night. If you're planning to check it out in the day, its really difficult to take photos thanks to the crowd.

Olivia the Pig is trying to help with Christmas .

Till the next one,
enjoy the rest of the week

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