Friday, March 26, 2010


I'm not technically enjoying it now, (about it being a friday) but I know come april, I'd be loving my Fridays cause it's a sign that the weekend is near!
Time flies and it's a Friday again.
Updates for the week:

Jean graduated! Wheee... On Thursday at 10am at Union Hall, Bundoora (sounds like a wedding announcement). I wish I could have been in the hall to see her receive her scroll, but I HAD to teach/work. But we got a couple of pictures together before the ceremony and I'll post em up as soon as I get them from her.

In more not-so-exciting news, Jean's leaving for Malaysia this afternoon. She's on her way to the airport now for her flight at 5pm later. I wish she didn't have to go back. Melbourne feels different without her around. Nevertheless, fingers crossed that she'll be back here in July.

Just a couple more updates about my new job:
I start on the 6th of April, after the long Easter weekend. Working hours: 8.30-5.30 with an hour of lunch in between. That's not too bad. But come winter, it'll be freezing at 7 in the morning when I have to leave for work. I'm so very very excited about the new job. There's loads to do and loads to learn there so I'm really looking forward to it. The job AND the money of course.

Since I'm not technically working full-time yet (I only teach at uni twice a week), I've been trying to keep up with my "tv-freak' label. Since last year, I haven't had time to watch the tv shows that I used to. One Tree Hill, Gossip Girls, Grey's Anatomy and Friends (again) just to name a few. So since I have some time on my hands, I've decided that I better start watching now or I'd be seasons behind everyone else. Since DVDs are only a dollar on Tuesdays (movie days), I've been renting movies and the all-time-fav Gossip Girls and How I Met Your Mother.
I know I watch alot of tv, but hey, life's short and when you've got extra time on your hands, there's no harm in watching a couple hours of tv. =D

Just in case you think I watch too much tv and I'll become stupid/dumb sooner than you think, I still read. Just finished an old book "Just Friends" by Robyn Sisman. Starting on 'Can you hear the nightbird call' by Anita Rau Badami in a bit. Any suggestions for a good book?

Till the next one,
Have a fun/exciting weekend out
and have a safe flight jean. will miss you.

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