Sunday, April 04, 2010

Easter Sunday Feast!

I mentioned that I'd update more often and I'm keeping to my word (so far). Today is Easter Sunday and we've got a feast planned for the weekend. Yesterday, Thong (my housemate) made vietnamese dinner. We had vietnamese pancakes, beef salad and prawns. All vietnamese by a vietnamese. And it was yummy.

And today, it was my turn.
So, I made tacos, cauliflower gratin and Caramel Apples. Sounds yummy ey? IT IS :)

For the tacos, we just bought the mix, beef, taco shells and taco sauce. I chopped onions, tomatoes, lettuce and cabbage for the toppings.

After that, I fried 500grams of minced beef in a pan. Once it starts to brown, I added 3/4 cups of water and the seasoning mix for tacos. Fried for a further 10 minutes and it's done. Looks something like this.

We bought a couple of sauces too. Sour cream, nachos sauce and taco sauce.

For nachos, I laid it on a baking tray, sprinkled tasty cheese on top and popped it into the oven to bake and melt the cheese. This is how it ended up.

Moving along, I made Cauliflower gratin cause I thought we'd needed some veges after so much meat. So I bought one large cauliflower and broke it up into bite size florets. Then I boiled it in water for a couple off minutes till it cooks. I transferred it out into a bowl of iced water to cool it completely. Then I let it dry.

Melted butter into a saucepan, whisked flour into it and cooked it over medium heat, stirring.

It becomes this thick dry mixture. I remove it from the heat and then gradually whisk in milk until it becomes smooth. I stir it over low heat till it bubbles and thickens. Then I put in a cup of tasty cheese until it melts and becomes very smooth. I add a little salt and pepper to season.

I put the cauliflower into a baking dish and then I drizzle the sauce evenly over the cauliflower. I sprinkle tasty cheese over and bake for 15-20 minutes.

After baking, this is what cauliflower gratin looks like. Yummy.

The best part of making a meal: Dessert. Sweet, tasty, yummy.

I got 6 apples which were cut into wedges. I put sugar into the saucepan and the sir it until it dissolves. This one was really tricky. I have never made caramelised apples before. So I didn't know how it should look like. After the sugar dissolved and became pale golden, I took it away from the heat. I think I was supposed to let it cool a little but I poured in the thickened cream immediately. It just spoiled everything. My caramel hardened and got stuck at the bottom of the saucepan. Terrible. I was like whattttttttttt? Shitttttttttttt!!! Determined to make it work, I put that into the sink and started a new one. This time, it had to get it right. Because I only had enough cream to make a second one. I dissolved the sugar and everything went well. Then after I took it away from the heat, I made sure I poured in the cream carefully. Very slowly. Little by little. And it worked! Thank goodness. After that, it was easy. Add vanilla extract, cinnamon stick and apples. Cook until apples are tender.

After that, I let it cool while we were having dinner. To make it superbly yummy, make sure you have ice-cream and chocolate shavings.

It was a really good easter feast. After this weekend, it's all work for me. Here are more pictures.

the chef and her work!

Till the next massive cookout,
I hope ya'll had a great Easter too =)

p/s: I gained an hour today cause daylight saving ended. I'm now two hours ahead from home.

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