Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Graduate's Update

Firstly, I sincerely apologize for the lack of posts. I've been so very busy with the new job, my graduation ceremony, my mom and sister's visit that I barely have time to catch up on my tv series, let alone update this place with pictures and what-not. Nonetheless, there's no excuse, so this is gonna be an all-in-one post.

It's been two months since I started my new job. Wonderful working environment, friendly colleagues, and good location. I've managed to pick up most of the things that I need to work on, and I've been busy, which is a good thing. The days pass faster and the weekend comes around quickly. I'm not saying that I don't like my job. It's great. I get to do what I want to, mostly in the field that I studied. Market research, competitor analysis, new product development. On top of that, it deals with food, healthy food to be precise, so I'll never go hungry at work. There's always fruits in the fruit bowl at the receptionist's desk, bars (protein, wholegrain with fruits) and chocolates in the marketing room and birthday cakes every other month when someone celebrates their birthday. Despite how fun work is, everyone looks forward to weekends. Best part of all, not having to wake up early!

In other news, I'm finally a graduate. 19th May 2010. My 30 seconds of fame. She read out my name. Walked onto the stage. Accepted the piece of paper. Walked off. Done. Four years of studying for that. I know, so cliche rite? We all study for ages, literally, since we were four and all we look forward to is that 30 seconds where we receive our piece of paper. Heck, people even print their own pieces of paper now, some even get them over the internet for a couple of hundred dollars. Nonetheless, I'm very grateful of my piece of paper. The sleepless nights, the countless research readings and finally, the 150 page research paper that came to be. Thinking back at the year that was, I knew I could have done so much more to that paper, but now I know, that moving forward, if I do have a chance to do another long-ass piece, I'd work like hell. But until that day comes, I'm happy going to work and getting the pay cheque at the end of the month. For now, nothing beats spending money and being independent!

I also managed to get tickets to see FAME The Musical which was in Melbourne for 8 weeks. I brought my mom and sis to watch it too and it was quite good. Not as great as the one I saw 8 years ago in KL, but for an Australian production, it was good. Produced by the same guy who did Wicked The Musical, John Frost did a good job and Kelly Abbey choreographed amazing dance steps for the entire musical. I'm a fan of these things, so I'm quite happy with it. Next up in line, Marry Poppins, The Musical. They are running out of tickets, so I'm trying to get the best seats I can get. And that's in October.

And the best part of the past month, my mom and sister's visit to Melbourne! It was the best week ever, coming back from work and having family at home. Mom's cooking was awesome, soups and stews. She even made extra food for me for the week so I wouldn't have to do much cooking after she left. I planned a whole list of tourist attractions for them to visit, but obviously, thanks to the late nights and even later mornings, they only managed to visit a couple. We managed to catch the Titanic Exhibition at the Melbourne Museum. That was a good one, bringing us back a hundred years to the time where the ship was built and reminding us how she set sailed and never arrived at her destination. They made the exhibition a little exciting by giving each of us a passenger card. We'd have a description of the person who boarded the Titanic, who they boarded with and the reason why they went on that ship. At the end of the exhibition, there was a board with all the names of the passengers, who survived and who didn't. My mom and sister had passengers from first class and I was from a second class cabin, and to our surprise, all three of us survived the tragic incident (but then again, we were all women passengers, so we had a higher chance of surviving!).

Mom and Jess also managed to visit a couple of other places, Melbourne Aquarium, Melbourne Zoo, Melbourne Museum, DFO South Wharf for the usual shopping, Shrine of Remembrance, Eureka Skydeck88 and the Edge Experience. They came to see where I work and said hie to some of my colleagues.

It was a week that went way too quickly and I can't wait till they visit me again.

(I typed this entry about two weeks ago,only posting it up today. I know, stale news again.)

Until the next one with more pictures,
Stay warm as winter's here!

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