Monday, June 14, 2010

Picture Perfect

Pictures paint a thousand words.
You see how happy or sad a person is. Whether they force a smile for the camera or a wide smile while saying 'cheeseee', you can tell with just a mere photograph.

Just before my long weekend ends, I shall recap what happened over the past few days.
I've been at home, without many plans other than to get well and recover. Had a sore throat on Thursday but I'm all better now *fingers crossed*
I get back to work again tomorrow, for what I'm glad to say, a very short week. Tuesday to Friday and the weekend would be here again!

I went for a walk in the city just this afternoon, just for some fresh air. It's winter now and the air's as fresh and cold as it can get. I eventually ended up at Big W (a Tesco/Giant-like place that sells everything for a good price) and started looking around at the books section. It's EOFYS now (End-of-financial-year-sale) and EVERYTHING is on sale. Books, clothes, electrical goods, you name it, it's on sale. Wandering around, I noticed that most of the books were on a 35% sale. Whoo-pee-dee-dooo! I started picking some up and after about 15 minutes, ended up at the checkout with four books and $68 dollars poorer.

I walked to the State Library, hoping to be able to start reading my book inside, came to realize that the library was closed, thanks to the public holiday. Sitting outside the library in the 14degree weather, I pulled out the book from the bag and started reading. It would have been the perfect evening had it not gotten dark so early. After about an hour, I left the park and went to Woolworths to get groceries for dinner. Got a bunch of flowers and grabbed a Free* copy of some cookbook at the counter after paying the guy at the cashier. I thought it was the free monthly magazine that Woolies did. But when I came back and flipped through the book, I realized the cover wrote "Free when you buy participating magazines, RRP $4.45". Shit. I have the cookbook thing with me but I didn't buy any other participating magazines. Did I STEAL the mini-cookbook??? But thinking back, when I took that book off the counter, the guy didn't even say anything. He just smiled at me and asked me to have a nice day! He probably thought it was a freebie too. So not entirely my fault.

oh well, just before I wrap it all up, here are some photos that should have been up ages ago. It's taking ages to upload the photos, so here's just a few of them. Will work on it another day.

I miss my mom and sister so much already.

Till the next one,
Give your loved ones a call to say hie and that you love them!

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