Thursday, July 08, 2010

Subway = BAD

I had subway for dinner tonight and I have to say that I haven't had a sub in a long time.
I got off the train from Flinders Station, crossed the road towards the tram stop. Just as I was crossing, the lights caught my eye. SUBWAY! My brains started to tell me stories "meatball with marinara sauce, red onions.." can someone spell Y-U-M-M-Y??

Nothings wrong with eating a sub. Actually, it's much healthier than having a quarter pounder from maccas or 2-minute instant maggie noodles. They advertise Subway extensively; freshly baked bread daily, fresh salads, bla bla bla.

But honestly, I love having my sub with meatball marinara but having it straight after my class is such a BAD BAD BAD idea. I just started dance classes again. After six-long years. Ballet Class to be exact and let me tell you, I'm lousy at it now. I can point and stuff, but my french vocabulary, terrible. I can barely remember the French terms anymore. On the first class, I had to look around before I could do the barre steps. Seriously, you can't just stop after six years and expect things to be good. It's like a relationship. You have to invest heavily in it, put in alot (and I mean ALOT) of effort, be discipline, watch your diet (probably avoiding fast food of any kind) and practice practice practice.

I loved my ballet. I still love it so very much. After six years, I long to dance as I used to before. Every single time I watch a dance movie, a musical or "So You Think You Can Dance" on TV, I miss it. I miss the graceful steps. I miss my technique. I miss the way I feel when I dance. I was good at it, much better than I am now.

So I decided to take up ballet classes once again. I searched online for a school and I found Elance Adult Ballet School. It's a 15-20 minute walk from my office. I went to buy ballet attire. My ballet shoes, leotard and pink thighs. I was ready. Mentally but after my first class, not physically obviously. But I'm determined to get back to ballet for good. I've signed up for a term (12 weeks) and PAID shit loads for it. I'm ready to get my body back in shape (which means not having an ice-cream every night after dinner, probably try to cut down to twice a week), do some stomach exercises at home a couple times a week and do some stretching every other day, to hopefully be more flexible again.

It's not easy and trust me, it's effing frustrating to be in a class knowing that you were much better before and really suck right now, but I'm determined to be a better dance by the end of this term. Fingers crossed.

Till the next one,
Stay healthy, eat your fruits and get some exercise!

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domncroxd said...

hahaha but remember, eating right after exercise is actually preferable because you've stoked up your metabolic rate : ). enjoy and good luck with your ballet!