Monday, July 12, 2010

I think I'm F-A-*...oh, nevermind

Winter is never nice to me. She (definitely more like a bitch than an ass) is like this enemy waiting to strike at the right times. She pulls my hair, she claws my face and she throws dessert straight at my mouth, forcing me to open and swallow. She's like the high school bitch that you're afraid off but there's nothing you can do about it. She makes the rules and you just have to play by it. No questions asked.

Apart from the fact that it is very very cold in winter here, Melbourne's cold temperatures have done me no good whatsoever. My hair becomes terribly dry (at the ends) and I have to resort to using better shampoo and conditioner. I've got to apply leave-in conditioner before I blowdry my hair and use a serum thereafter. A lot of work. Don't even get me started on how bad my heels are, how dry my skin has become and how sickening it is to have blemishes on my face!! But all that ramblings are meant for another post.

This is my third year here in Melbourne and during this time of the year (May-September), I won't fit my jeans. Yes, I put on weight even though it doesn't seem like I do. I'm human too okay. Somehow, in some magical way, I get hungry very (and I mean VERY) quickly after my meals and tend to eat more often and larger portions each time. I think it is the cold weather that makes me hungry quickly. Or maybe it's just that time of the year. Whatever it is, it makes me one hell of a hungry person. My colleagues at office thinks that I eat the most food in the entire company.

When I first arrived in Melbourne, I could barely finish a serve of anything. If I ordered a plate of fried rice, I'd only manage to eat half of it and have to pack the other half to bring home for lunch the next day. There was no way I'd be able to finish the food. After sufficient training, I've managed to 'level-up' and now I can say that I eat SO MUCH MORE than before. I could barely finish a small size of Vietnamese beef noodles in March 2008 but during winter, I order a medium! Enough said.

Since the boys are away, I've just been cooking for myself and I can finally measure how much food I consume. I realised that 3 cups of rice lasts for four meals. I don't know if that's what an average person eats, but DAMN I think that's A LOT for one person.

Unfortunately, I "don't have any right to complain about my weight/size" since I'm relatively smaller and thinner than most people at my office, or most people in general. I've got light bones and obviously a smaller built compared to other people but that does not mean that I can't put on weight or get fatter based on the proportion of my body. Based on my Body Mass Index, I'm a little underweight for my height. I blame the bones. But then again, I've been like that since primary school or as far as I can remember. I don't stick my finger down my throat after meals because I honestly like the feeling of having food in my tummy. It makes me happy. I indulge in the occasional treat; ice-cream, chips, waffles and chocolates but I feel guilty after that, much more; now that I've gone back to dancing.

I'm just a normal girl (I think) and I love food. As much as I think I need to make sure I eat enough so I don't faint during the day or so the Melbourne winds don't blow me away; I think I need to cut down on my food portions. Probably eat more during lunch and have a smaller meal over dinner. Have more fruits during the day so I get the vitamins and at least I snack on something healthy. Most importantly, I think I need to cut down on ice-creams. I just bought two boxes of ice-creams on the way back from work today because I finished my previous box over the weekend. If my ballet teacher found out that I'm eating an ice-cream a day, I doubt she'll be keeping her comments to herself when I can't stand on my demi-point or balance when do my ballet steps.

Did I mention that I'm in lurrrrveeeee with the maccas ORGE PREMIUM CHICKEN BURGER? For a limited time only, it comes with chicken, salads and red onion rings and my fav, pesto mayo!! The meal comes with a Frozen Fanta Ogre Freeze in Green Apple Flavour and the World's Favourite Fries!

Oh well, one can only try.

Till the next one,
Have an ice-cream; it'll put a smile on your face!

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