Saturday, September 04, 2010

Doing it just like the boys...

Just like the boys at home, I finally did it.
I think I had just as much fun as the boys did, being very careful at first, making sure I don't spill anything and eventually make a mess. You know how messy boys can get when they're so into something.

It has become a thing of the past since everything evolved, becoming so high-tech. It's no longer practical to do models the old-fashion way, from scratch, starting slow and picking up the speed as you go. It used to be known as a skill. People ask each other "Are you good with your models?" and they proudly reply "Of course, I've been doing them for years. I do one every two weeks or so".

Model making has evolved to a stage people spend more time in front of the computer doing 3D ones with a mouse. But seriously, how much fun can you have with a mouse and keys? Hell, it's much quicker but I don't think that one gets the satisfaction one gets when it comes to doing the actual thing from scratch.

Since there were scraps lying around on the dinner table, I decided to work on my own little project. I tried to be creative since I only had leftovers.

It takes a lot of patience. If you rush it, you've got to start cutting the pieces all over again.

Behold, my masterpiece.

A side view of what I spent one and a half hours on.

my roof with a gutter so the rainwater will flow out to the sides

That's panels which block the harsh Melbourne winds. It's an outdoor space inside minus the wind.

Obviously I'm not as good as they boys. They've got so much experience. Here's my boy's model.

Now that I've completed my first ever one, I have dreams for better ones. What I want to create next is an outdoor space where events can be held. I've already give it quite a bit of thought, how I want the columns to be, for it to have a roof so that people don't get wet if it rains since Melbourne seems to be raining quite a lot these days. I'll post pictures if I am able to finish it.

Till the next one,
Have a great Sunday because Monday is just around the corner.

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