Saturday, June 16, 2012

Just because I have to...

I have come to realise (only just yesterday when I checked out my own blog) that I haven't updated or even contributed to the number of visits since last year. It is rather embarrassing and the thought of having to post another entry after over a year, is just a waste of time. 

I have the usual excuse of being too busy. Over the course of a little over a year, I have managed to achieve quite a lot (while I wasn't spending time on my blog). I  (as far as I can remember):

  • had my 24th and 25th birthday and have (somewhat) experienced a quarter life crisis
  • have enjoyed (although people will think I'm mad) my job as an assistant brand manager at Vitality Brands. look out for my brands the next time you're grocery shopping: Well Naturally and AntiOx
  • bought a brand new couch after we've survived on the single futon couch/bed for over 3 years
  • have gone snowboarding (came back with a terrible back ache) and about to go for another trip in 4 weeks
  • had my mom and grandma visit me during winter, where they absolutely despised winter 
  • watched 'love never dies' at the regent theatre 
  • went to derby day, drank and won cash
  • went for a press approval for the first time for the cartons of my brands. printing is a challenging job and marketers are very fussy with colours
  • went to work in flip-flops, a Hawaiian skirt and a straw hat as part of our 'big Hawaiian shirt day'
  • realized bunnings warehouse is overwhelming
  • planted basil, mint and coriander for self consumption, kept them alive until fatboy dehydrated them
  • went home to malaysia for chinese new year, spent the holidays with the family eating, shopping and getting more shoes
  • watched big bang theory with my sister almost every night before bed during my 4 week holiday at home
  • bought more shoes to add to my collection and officially have 34 pairs (I worked out if I wore a pair each for a day, I would only wear each pair 12 times at most).
  • got addicted to tetris battle on Facebook (thanks to my sister), made it to level 21 and have been stuck there since February
  • ran for the kids in April and successfully (without fainting) ran 5.2k under 33 minutes
  • went fishing two days in a row and caught nothing
  • have been extremely excited about my friend's baby boy who is extremely cute and have been getting all the attention since
  • went to sydney (second year now) for work for the Sydney triathlon, told myself (again) that if they can do it, i should be able to since i'm only 25. but maybe next year
  • won a pair of wuggs from wittner
  • and the list goes on...


this is obviously an obligatory post. reason? I won a gold class double pass from nuffnang (haven't had an ad on my blog in years) to watch the silent, Academy award winning film 'The Artist'. To tell you the truth, I haven't seen a silent film since i was young, when I used to watch with my late grandfather. I'm excited. The giveaway includes a double pass, small popcorn and a drink (beer, wine or soft drink) and I can't wait. 

Apart from that, I get 2 copies of 'The Artist' DVD, one to keep for myself, and another to giveaway to readers in a post or competition thanks to Roadshow Films. Considering I haven't had readers in a long, longgggg time, anyone who reads this and comments (you only need to ask for it in a comment, considering you're in Melbourne) gets a copy of the DVD. That's also another reason why this link was up on facebook. You and I both know what social media can do. 

I will (promise) to write about the film next week. 
until then... keep your feet warm with a pair of Wittner Wuggs 


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