Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Goodbye weekend, Hello Monday

Its Monday once again... My favorite day of the week...(that's so not true). I already have Monday blues and to spice things up, I have a full class on Monday. Did I mention FULL? (definition of FULL : Eng, 8-10; Econs, 10-12; Accounts, 1-3; IT, 3-5) So ppl, don't you dare say you have a full day class unless you have a timetable like mine, which only gives us time to breathe during lunch hour ( how'd you expect us to breathe when the canteen is packed with humans?) - ignore the replacement of people with humans, its just something odd about me.

Nevertheless, it was a usual Monday.
1. The snooze button on my alarm clock has to work extra hard.
2. The usual rushing when i realize that I've got only 20 mins left to wash up, shower and get to class
3. Walking into class at 8.10 with 'Morning miss, sorry I'm late
4. It's Monday morning miss. ( when my lecturer Ms suba asks where everyone else is)

It's true. It is a Monday morning. Although students are supposed to be full of energy and ready for the lesson after a weekend of relaxing, this monday routine happens in every college in the world. (and im not kidding)

One interesting thing about today is that i nearly lost RM70, not in cash form but in book form. As usual, we bring loads of books to class(thanks to our hectic schedule). And like always, we leave them in class during our break cause we use the exact same class back again after lunch at 3pm. T307 is like the class owned by AF2. we have nearly 70% of our classes there (its just an estimated figure). When we returned to the classroom at 3pm, jeng jeng jeng.... we couldnt't find our books. My IT book which costs RM70, my english booklet and michelle's econs book which costs a whole 110 ringgit. You can start imagining the looks on our faces when we couldn't find our books on the chair at the back of the class where we left it. Our smiles just dropped into a frown. It was as though the fairies dancing in our mind just danced straight into a brick wall. We went round the college looking for the cleaners who cleared T block to see if they had cleard our books and put it aside. We went to the lost and found where we got 'ahem' lets just leave that out. Its not that we were 'that' dumb to leave our books there. Stop blaming us for every single small tiny mistake we make. You dont expect us to carry our books all the way to the canteen and back to T307 for our next class. It's heavy, if you didnt know. After a whole scavanger hunt around NIC, we gave up, returned to our class and kinda started to think if we were 'that' dumb to leave our books in the class. As they say, there's always a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. This pot of gold finally appeared when we found out that a friend, who thought we accidentaly left our books in the classroom was so extremely kind enough to take it for us. I guess the day was not that bad after all.(it would've been if we didnt find our books).

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