Saturday, February 25, 2006

Sudden Return!~

Suprised by the sudden return? So am i. Its been months since i came back here or even read blogs. Nothing was really interesting, thus explains my inexistance in the world of blogging. Why the sudden return you may ask. It was insperation. I was inspired. Inspired by a very interesting blog that caught my eye. As i am extremely busy in the busy college life of mine, i decided that now is a perfect time to update my blog. You see, im now in the second floor of my college resource centre. Anyone from NIC would know that im in the computer lab for a class. Don't get me wrong. I'm not sleeping in class, neither am i not paying attention. The usual routine for lab classes is that you just do exactly what you're asked to do, that is according to the papers that you collect from the mac centre. When you're done, all you have to do is shout for 'MISS' and she'll come running with her paper to check on you. Not running exactly, but more like interested if you can finish it yourself. If you need help, just do the exact thing. She'll be at your place just with a small 'MISS . Today's lab is more boring that usual. Does it sound very negative? Boring as in she's telling us what to type in, instead of the usual copying from the papers. So while she's writing what we need to type on the whiteboard (she ain't moving that fast.. if she was, i wouldn't be blogging would i?) , Im here at my place blogging for the first time after a very very long time. There's loads I wana blog, to make my life more interesting, cause believe it or not, it is kinda interesting here with the very many college activities that's really keeping me busy; apart from the mid terms, assestments and of course weekly economic tutorials from Ms. Chiam. (but really, its for our own good. at least she gives us something to ensure we get what she's saying in the very early morning lecture on tuesdays). Other than that, my life here is not bad. Time passes really fast and lab class is done already! Wohoo. As i sit here typing my last few words, everyone else is already gathering their books to leave the class. Guess i should be leaving now too cause its lunch time!~ wohooo.. my favourite time of the day!~

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