Monday, February 27, 2006

A Step Closer to Stardom!

It was just another Sunday morning here in NIC... i woke up only to find that it was barely 9am. Of course i went back to bed hoping to get more rest. Its only during weekends that i get to sleep in cause of my hectic timetable which gives me no choice but to wake up at 7am every morning for class. As i was just going back to sleep, and hopefully back to a nice dream, my phone rang. Arrghh... who is it now? To my surprise, it was my uncles from kl who decided to come down to nilai to bring me lunch. Wohoo...!!! Not so bad of a phone call after all. After a while, mom called... I expected the usual phone conversations with here but today was a totally different one. She called not just to say hie but to tell me i was in the papers!~ What? The Star? What for? That definitely gave me a shock. It was an article about the Valentines Dinner i attended recently in La Trobe Restaurant here in my college. Imagine my mom telling me, 'Trace, you're a star' hehehe... doesnt sound too right, does it? Dad agreed to send me the clipping of that article so that i could see for myself how 'stardom' was like! Just seconds after i was done 'feeling like a star' with my mom, the phone rang once more. This time it was Roshan! my buddy from penang who is now in kl studin called me to tell me how much of a drama queen i was thanks to that article in the papers. Acting like a journalist, he 'interviewed' me about that night and started a whole issue of me being the new drama queen and he promoting it to his whole BNN (short for Bob News Network-his so-called network for uninteresting publicity that only interests him) After a whole 12 minutes, the drama between Roshan and I finally ended. Phew. We could actually go on and on about he being a drama king and me being the drama queen. Sounds dumb doesn't it? The next phone call of 'stardom' came from my uncle's who were on their way down to nilai to visit their 'favorite' niece (by the way, that's self claimed.. hehe) 'Someone's in the papers lo... And in colour too' hehhe.... My uncle's arrived at about 12 and brought lunch, magazines, grapes(yummy) and breakfast for tomorrow... As i sit here ending my blog for the day and eating my lunch, this day has indeed had a very interesting start!

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