Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hello August

It's been quite a while since I last blabbered here.
Loads have been going on and I've been rather busy.

The start of August was good.
I watched GI Joe and My Sister's Keeper in a matter of three days.
I had jean over for dinner where we had delicious dishes and dessert courtesy of jean.

Other than the boring uni stuff, assignments and tv series, Sabrina and her bf came to Melbourne for holiday!!
She was here for about 10 days which gave us all an excuse to meet up.
Somehow, i've come to realise that we georgians only meet up when a visitor's in town. Other than that, we're always caught up with our own busy lives, whether it's uni, assignments or work.

we decided to have dinner together at a Korean place on Victoria Street.
and man was it heaps of fun and laughter.
We caught up with one another, reminiscence about the old times and laughed about the stupid things we did when were kids, years back.

We were only 13 when we met each other in high school, had our teenage drama, graduated at 17 and went our separate ways.
Now at 22 (or 21 turning 22), we're graduating from university with a degree and stepping into a whole new world once again. Oh how we've grown.

But when put together, SGGS girls always manage to have a good time.
Not to mention, make loads of noise.
I was silly enough not to bring my camera on that day but here are some photos courtesy of kelene from her facebook.

It was cheryl's birthday two days later (15 August) so we got her a cake to remind her that she's not getting any younger!

when there's cake... well, there's us doing what we do best!

more group photos....

our share of cake for the night


and finally, a decent group picture....

that's all for now. will post up more photos if I manage to get them from either sabrina or jean.
sabz: hope you had loads of fun here in melb!

till the next one,
georgians ruleeeeee!!! muahahhahahaaa

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