Friday, July 31, 2009

Sweet little lies...

I was watching Chasing Liberty last night.

It's one of my favourite shows ( apart from the notebook) which I love watching over and over again. Of course it's a chick flick... duhhh

Most people would say that Mandy Moore isn't really good at what she does.
She's not an awesome singer neither is she an actress that wins academy awards and stuff.
But somehow, I love shows with her in it.
Like in "A Walk To Remember" and "Because I Said So"

and did you see how cute that guy is???

who doesn't love a guy in sneakers...
and with that accent he has... to die for

Anyways, about halfway through the movie, there's these few lines which always seem to catch my attention every single time I watch it. I've written an entry about it years ago but thought I'd do it again.

Here goes...

"Telling the truth isn't always good and lying isn't always bad.
If telling the truth makes someone feel bad, then lying could be good
Good things can come from lying and bad things can come from telling the truth
Although sometimes, telling only part of the truth is just the same as telling a lie..."

Go figure...

Till the next one,
have a great weekend


judy said...

lols!!! it true! i shall go batu ferigghi for this movie!! or pi download! hehe

Jaryn said...

tv aired this not long ago, and im glad i watched it!

i love mandy and of course that guy....HOT indeed!

tracy said...

judy: yeaa... go get it judy!! you'll love it.

jaryn: so totally hawt rite??? feels like falling in love all over again.. haha