Thursday, July 23, 2009

Back on track ... almost

and so the holidays are over and everyone's getting back on track.
the semester has begun, people are back from their winter holidays and students are complaining about having to wake up early again. morning classes, don't they suck big time?

I took my own winter break as well.
I didn't technically have a break since I was supposed to be working hard on my thesis, but you know me. I NEED my break. After the entire semester of deadlines, presentations, essays and research proposals; I'd go insane if I didn't take a few days off.

I took about a week off and it was really good not having to worry about any work at all during that short period of time.
Sleeping in, skipping breakfast (not recommended, very unhealthy), lunch, dinner and then supper.
Oh, and i watch heaps of movies over the past two weeks.
Renting DVDs on Tuesdays are dirt cheap, $1 for a dvd
So, over the past two weeks it's been :
X-Men 2
X-Men 3: The Last Stand
American History X (awesome one. go watch it if you haven't)
The Insider
The Lake House
Sex and the City
Definitely, Maybe
Must Love Dogs
Harold and Kumar
Laws of Attraction

I know they're really old ones but it's nice to watch them over again with a hot cuppa tea and my favourite timtams.

Over the weekend, we tried to enjoy our holidays as much as we could. We went to Brunswick Street to have a good lunch at some cafe, went to Harbour Town Shopping Centre at Waterfront City, Docklands (where the boys bought new games for the PS2) and watched Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince on Friday.

We also went to Williamstown, a place where everything seemed so peaceful and calm.
It's about a 20 minute train ride away from the city and when you're there, you leave all your worries behind in the city. There's also a Sunday market by the Pier which as usual sells stuff that we don't necessarily need. We had dinner there before we left, at this Thai restaurant called Siam Orchid.

But this week, the boys are back to school.
They've got everything ready, except themselves.
Who's ever ready to go back to school?

So it's time I get back to work as well.
I went to uni this morning to see my supervisor regarding my ethics application.
And it did not go too well. I had wayyyyy too much information on the application form (which apparently was a huge no-no) and had loads to amend cause they wouldn't approve it.
Also, I had a bit of problem with my sampling method and methodology.
Terrible start which gave me no motivation whatsoever to boost the new semester.
Nevertheless, I've got the weekend to get it all together and hand it in again on Tuesday.

On the other hand, at least a bit of good news came along.
I've been wanting to get a part-time job which would help me money-wise but not take up too much of my time either. Last semester, I was working at a bookstore selling university textbooks. But the downside of that place was that it only needed more staff during the 'peak periods'; meaning at the start of the semester where all the uni students would be needing their books for the new sem. After the first month of the new semester, business is slow (since everyone's got their books already) and he doesn't really need us to go to the shop to help anymore.

I wanted to tutor at uni last semester but the tutoring classes clashed with my own units.
But this sem, I've managed to get some tutoring hours at uni for a first year unit, Foundations of Marketing. wohoo..kinda excited about it. Apart from the fact that it would make all my studying for the past three years worthwhile, tutoring pays much better compared to any other job. Of course, I'd need to set aside some time to prepare for the tutes. But then again, who's complaining.. Will be greeting the students at Tuesday's lecture and tutes start the following week. Wish me luck!

Hopefully everything will be smooth-sailing from now till the end of the semester.

Till the next one,
say goodbye to your winter holidays and welcome back to reality!
hugs to all..

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