Friday, July 10, 2009

Missed Maccas

When I first got here, I had no clue what everyone were talking about when they kept using this weird word which I've never heard of before in their sentences."

"Maccas" (pronounced: mac-curse) hahaha

At first it was "Let's go to maccas"
So I guessed it was some place.

Then it was, "Let's have some maccas for lunch mate"
Second guess, food!! muahahahahaha

So obviously, with the help of google, which i might have to add, never lets us down, I goggled "maccas"
I didn't even think it would come up. I mean, what kinda word/slang thing is that?

And I'm guessing it DOES exist

And of course, what else would it be, other than the famous McDonald's.

I was thinking to myself. It's odd how one thing/franchise/whatever-you-wanna-call-it is known all around the world as the same thing (Fast food) but every country HAS to come up with something to make it 'their own'.

We Malaysians back home call it Mc-D (pronounced: mac-dee)
At least that sounds much like the original one.

But how does one come up with Maccas???
And make the entire country use it instead of the 'old-fashioned' McDonald's???

imagine one day, Kentucky Fried Chicken might be known as 'Chikiee' or something

I've been wanting/craving to have maccas breakfast for weeks now.
I've never had it much back home in malaysia cause my mom dislikes the idea of fast food/burgers/fries and such. So we don't really get the chance to have mcD unless it's a McFlurry ice-cream.
Just this year, I've been starting to really enjoy the maccas breakfast that they serve.
Especially the sausage egg mcmuffin. yummie!~
And the set comes with a hash brown and a cuppa tea/coffee/juice/softdrink.
Cost for maccas breakfast : $5.45 (i think)

One thing about the breakfast menu is that they start friggin early at like 6am and serves it all morning till 10.30am where the menu switches to the usual one.
10.30 doesn't seem that early for them to stop serving breakkie but when we're students who sleep in, it's no surprise that we can't make it in time.
We've missed the breakfast menu about three times now but just a few minutes.
We wake up at 10, realise we've only got half an hour left, wash up and rush out the door. It used to be a 5-10 minute walk to the nearest maccas and by the time we reach there, they've changed it to the usual menu. The worst one was when we were already lining up. There were about three people in front of us. And two of them got their breakkie. When we reached the cashier, they said they've stopped serving breakfast!!!!!! what the??

So last night, we decided to have our breakkie at maccas and I set my phone alarm to 9.30am to make sure we have sufficient time make it there.
Hell, maccas is now just accross the road from my place since I'm not stayin at my old place anymore.
AS USUAL, the alarm goes off and the snooze button goes into action. It's a 10 minute snooze.
It goes of AGAIN and I snooze it AGAIN.
By the time I actually get up, it's 10.10am! SHIT. Breakfast stops at 10.30! I wake hunlin up and rush to the bathroom to wash up. No time for a shower. I'll miss my hash browns! When I get back to the room, (time check 10.20: we can still make it) he's still snoring, obviously in deep sleep.


thanks to that, I've gotta resort to home-cooked scrambled eggs and nescafe

till the next one,
have breakfast in the mornings and stay healthy!

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judy said...

awwww. i can imagine how frustrated u ar!! wanting ur maccas breakfast!! lols!! exam over?? wats the plan after tat?? miss u laods:)