Thursday, July 02, 2009

Hullo July

With a blink of an eye, its JULY!
It's scary how time flies by just like that.

While everyone is already on their winter break, I'm struggling through the week with my research proposal. Eff-ing irritating.
I'm hardly progressing but I've gotta pick up the speed soon enough or I won't pull this one through.

Tuesday was two days ago and I WAS supposed to go to the movies to catch The Proposal. Tuesday nights are movie nights and all shows are only 10 dollars. Adults, kids, students, senior citizens, others; whichever category you fit into.
Since I stay in the city and it's only about a 10 minute walk to the cinema from my place, we take for granted that if we leave at say 8.45 pm, we'll get there in time to buy the tickets, line up for some snacks/drinks to catch the 9 o'clock movie. Especially since the movies here start about 10-15 minutes later than the stated time. Hell, transformers started half an hour later than time time it should have!

Without bothering about getting tickets, we had dinner while watching Masterchef on tv at 7 - 7.30 and then "Talkin' bout your generation" until 8.30. Then, we got changed and left the place to Melb Central to get our tickets for The Proposal at 9pm. When we got there, everything was SOLD OUT! Like everything except Terminator (which I've watched already) and New York. Didn't know what New York was about so we decided against watching it, just in case it was a waste of money and there goes 20 dollars.

We ended up heading to the DVD shop nearby our place to rent some dvds. Since it was Tuesdays, all DVDs were only a dollar each! Except the new release ones. So we managed to get 5 movies for only 5 bucks! 15 dollars cheaper than the movies. Of course you don't have surround sound system la. Australia (the movie) which has been out for ages was available. And yes, I have yet to watch that one. And it turned out to be quite alright. Not awesome or breath-taking neither was it long and boring. A good watch I'd say.

And now, two days later, I'm forced to focus on my research proposal once again.
Haven't done much since Monday and I'm starting to worry.
But since I am (and always have been) awesome at procrastinating, this is somewhat normal.

Till the next one,
happie winter holidays to all

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