Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Stubborn Nutella

I've been craving for desserts lately, churros, chocolate, creme brulee...
I had pancakes the other day at a cafe at Williamstown, strawberry pancakes I might add, and it was TERRIBLE. So soggy and 'not cooked' on the inside and burnt on the outside :(

So, I decided to make myself some crepes tonight and it finally satisfied my cravings.
Managed to make six pieces of crepes, so we all got two pieces each, two for myself, hunlin and my housemate, thong.

Since I didn't have strawberries or fruits that would go well with crepes, I had to resort to the only two things that would go well with crepes. Honey and nutella

I bought my first bottle of nutella two weeks ago cause I felt like having chocoalatt-ie spreads
It goes really well with crepes but hell, its stubborn

So damn difficult to spread it.
And i've gotta be so nice and gentle or my thin piece of crepe would tear

Even though it looks messy and kinda 'disgusting', it tastes good okayyy..
The boys (hunlin and housemate thong) preferred it with nutella but I still like the classic honey topping

Will update soon enough about my day out to Williamstown.

Till the next one,
have a sweet crepe

p/s: Happy Belated Birthday Judy! Sorry the post is a little late. Hope you had an awesome one

mwisss you loadsssss

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