Saturday, July 25, 2009


It's 8.26 pm now and I've officially done NOTHING productive the entire day (other than cooking chicken rice for lunch)

Waking up late makes my productivity level suck big time.
I have HOWEVER been watching heaps of youtube videos thanks to eeling.
She asked me to check out this acoustic guitarist on youtube which sounds really good.

but i found someone BETTER. muahahhaha
This 20 year old fella (somewhere on the other side of the globe) sings really well
too bad he's only twenty.
He plays the piano and sings like there's no tomorrow.

Oh, did i mention he plays DISNEY songs too???
and I love disney songssssss

Feels like i'm back in my younger teen years where we used to fall for boy-bands like westlife and 911. *staring into space*

Go check him out at
and waste about an hour or so checkin out the videos...

Till the next one,
let the music heal your soul....

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