Monday, June 29, 2009

Transformers: AWESOME!

hullo people...

I'm updating so often now since my exams are over.
I wanna try to make it a point that I update this place as often as possible instead of leaving it to rot just like that.

I've been bumming around the entire weekend.
Finished my last paper on thursday and have done nothing productive since.
I think I need a well-deserved break since I've been slogging my ass off for the past month or so.
Other than the fact that on the 1st of June, I was moving from my old place to the one I'm currently at. So that was a whole lotta rush and stress.

Now that the weekend has come and gone, I've gotta start my research proposal tomorrow. Actually since it's past midnight now, guess I'm working on it later on in the day.
The proposal is due on the 6th of July. Which is the following monday!
So I've got exactly a week for that.
hope it all goes well and I don't slack of halfway through the week and have to pull off late nights over the next weekend.

But, the best thing this week is that I went to watch Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen on Saturday night.
actually it was GREAT!
Paid an extra dollar each to watch it in the Xtreme screen cinema at Hoyts, Melbourne Central. There are a few different cinemas there.
There's the usual high-class, 'atas' Directors Suite which I think is meant for a luxurious night out mainly because the seats costs a whooping 35 dollars per ticket! That converts back to about almost 90 ringgit for a movie that lasts about 2 hours-ish. Absolutely ridiculous! Haven't had a chance to try that yet but then agan, I think I'd feel my heart shatter if 35 dollars was spent just on a movie.

Then, there's the Half Pipe, which I personally enjoy the most. It's really cool cause there are only very few seats in the small cinema. Actually, they're not seats. They're bean bags! They have deluxe beanbags and tickets are bought in a pair. It's like watching a movie at home, lying down on your couch with your feet up, just that you pay much more, have a bigger screen, way better sound system and cuddle up on a beanbag next to your someone special. Prices for each halfpipe ticket costs 37 dollars per beanbag of two so it's still kinda affordable.

And the screen where they try earning an extra dollar from each ticket is the XtremeScreen. Apparently it's entertainment at its BIGGEST and LOUDEST! They're really smart cause they have all the latest movies at the XtremeScreen cinemas. And they claim "With 10,000 watts driving a state of the art Dolby 8 Channel surround EX sound system and a massive screen, you’ll be blown away!". I don't see anyone coming out blown away also lar. Oh, and tickets are $15.50 for a student. I think its $17 for an adult.

Okay, I'm getting carried away. (zero spoilers)
Transformers was AWESOME!!!! The storyline was quite interesting but what makes the movie great is the scenes and how cute the gadgets are! I mean, you have to admit that they really look cute transforming from a truck to Optimus Prime.
And bumblebee having to use lines from movies to express his feelings. Classic!
My favourite has got to be Bumblebee but the twins are really funny as well.
And transformers wouldn't be the same without Megan Fox and her sex appeal. Somehow (even though I agree she's kinda hawt), they make her character look a little to extreme. How is it that someone looks so perfect with nicely blown hair with natural curls all the time? And then she's always dressed so nicely! How can rite?? But then again, without her, the boys wouldn't go 'oooooooooo' when her character comes up and it'll just be another movie with gadgets and stuff.

The cinema was FULL even though the movie came out on Wednesday.
The movie definitely wayyyyyyy better than what I expected it to be.
I came out from the cinema going "wowwww, that was a good one" and so did a whole lot more happy people.
If you have yet to catch it, you have to. Take two hours-ish off your hectic schedule and make your way to catch it as sooooon as you can. And if you have XtremeScreen or some cinema with extra effects, make sure you get tickets for that one.

I'm waiting for Tuesday (movie nights here in Melb) to watch The Proposal since tickets are only 10 dollars. Wheeeeeee
Oh, and I can't wait for harry potter too!

Till the next one,
have a good week ahead

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