Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Almost there....

Three down and two more to go.

I finished my Leadership in Organisations paper just a few hours back and it was a real relief!
I'm finally done with all my essay-writing final papers.

But I'm not entirely done with everything yet.
I've still got an SPSS analysis test on Thursday morning.
It's this program that I need to use to analyse the data that I collect from my surveys for my thesis.
And it has loads to do with complicating bla-berish stuff like factor analysis, R squared, significance value and all of that stuff.
Very complicating. I've been through abit of this when I did my intermediate statistics back in Nilai two years ago but then I've totally forgot everything.
So, it's like learning it all anew again.

I've been having difficulty sleeping for the past few nights.
Only managed to get about 11 hours of sleep since Saturday.
And that my friends, is not enough sleep for me.
I need like 8 hours of sleep on a daily basis and I'm starting to worry if I've got insomnia.
I feel really tired but when I head to bed, I just can't fall asleep. I just lie there and before I know it, it's been three to four hours that I've been wasting and not being able to get proper rest.
It's really irritating; not getting sufficient sleep and all.
Especially when its the exam season and I need all the sleep that I can get to concentrate on my readings during day.

Other that, hun lin's friends, Joseph and Sylvia from Tassie came down to Melbourne to visit us.
We stayed at their place when we visited tassie last winter holidays and we went around to visit places and such.
They came down on Saturday evening and will be here untill Thursday morning (the day I finish my papers) :(
I haven't really been a good host to them thanks to the exam stress and lack of sleep. All I've been doing is just studying and studying. Thankfully, hunlin's done with his exams and is able to bring them around. I promise I'll be a better host the next time you guys are around!

Am gonna try to get a little sleep if I can...

Till the next one,
have a good night's rest and sweet dreams!!

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