Thursday, June 18, 2009

A fresh start

hello everybody..

i'm trying to give this blog a new life again.
the last time I was here, it was years ago.
and now, a few of my friends are blogging too.
and they're using blogger as well.
so thought i might as well come back and see what this place has to offer.

surprisingly, its rather good.
it's quite easy to set it up and posting entries are simple as well.

I had a paper on wednesday afternoon at 2pm and it was my Relationship Marketing paper.
Lasted for two hours which went by like a flash.
But at least that's over.
Now, I've gotta worry about my next paper which is next tuesday. Leadership in Organisations is what it's called.
Sounds simple but there's quite abit to read for that. Journal articles as usual.
But hopefully it'll be a smooth paper.

I took a break yesterday and today.
it was actually supposed to only be one day but I slept all afternoon today.
Didn't do anything much.
Didn't do any studying whatsoever.
Was in the city walking around and such yesterday, came back home, had a nice nap and then a movie.

Watched Terminator: Salvation.
I don't recall watching the first few ones but oh well, I've gotta start somewhere rite?
It was a really good movie.
It's funny how they keep making movies where the computers/machines/devices take over the world. Where humans no longer have any control over them and that we've gotta fight for our life to survive.
It makes me wonder if that would ever happen to us one day.
We rely so much on technology nowadays, without it for a day is like without water or food.
oh well, until that day comes, we might as well make full use of the available technology to play restaurant city, update our blogs and keep in contact with our friends and family halfway around the world.
I can't wait to watch transformers though. I reckon that would be a good one as well!

Till the next one,
keep the blogs updated and have a great weekend

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