Saturday, June 27, 2009

King of Pop

although everyone in the world would have blogged about this already AND even though i'm a day late, it's better late than never.

I was up in my room yesterday with the radio tuned to the ABC classical music channel. I was trying to give my day a peaceful start; classical music, warmth under the quilt with a book to pass the time. It was almost noon and I refused to get out of bed to face the day, thus the bumming around. Then, it was 12 noon and as usual, it was time for news. Having been in bed since, I knew nothing about whatever was going on in the world. I realised that without the internet, telly or newspapers, we would not have a clue about what goes on just outside our four walls let alone what happens around the world.

The first thing they said that midday news was that the King of Pop, Michael Jackson has recently passed on that morning. I was shocked. I put my book down that second itself and turned up the volume on my radio/clock thingy on my bedside table. They cannot be serious rite? THE michael jackson wor. But they can't make stories on air rite?

Even though the music industry has evolved tremendously ever since the MJ days to Pooooker Face and pop stars kissing girls and liking them, the king of pop will always be remembered for his Grammy award winning songs.

Making as much of a difference just like Elvis Presley (he did marry his daughter, the beautiful Lisa Marie Presley though), Michael Jackson started out just with The Jackson 5 and is now and will forever be known for his popular music like Thriller, Scream, Beat It, You are not alone and my all time favourite, Heal the world. Even though I grew up going crazy about N'sync, 911, the backstreet boys and Britney spears (at one time), Michael Jackson played a huge role when I was much younger. Before I got influenced by the celebrity craze with the new and up-coming stars, there was always a michael jackson song playing at home on a cassette tape or a CD.

What struck me the most when I was young about this all time favourite singer is that he's an African American but he does not look like one at all. With all the changes that he's made to himself, it was hard to relate him to Jackson 5 or Janet Jackson. So when they reported on the radio news that he's the first African American entertainer, it was hard to believe that he came so far from what he was to what he has become.

He's had problems along the way (which celebrity doesn't) and a lot of controversy with children. But the most successful entertainer managed to pull through all this and was going to have a come-back tour in England for his fans. My mom actually went to see one of his concerts way back when his tour stopped by Malaysia. And after that, all she could talk about for days was his moonwalk, his entrance to begin the concert, how he sang all this songs beautifully and what a great entertainer he was. He had such an impact on my mom, imagine what he's brought to the world.

Passing away at the mere age of 50, Michael Jackson's songs will always be in our hearts even in the years to come. I've had my fair share of MJ's influence in my life and I'm sure you had yours too. I even danced to one of his songs in high school for some guides gathering event and made a huge embarrassing mistake by starting my step one count before I should have. Making mattes worse was that that mistake was captured on camera!! Even so, I will always have many memories singing along with his songs at home or in the shower. Or just trying to do the triller dance like Jennifer Garner in '13 going on 30'.

Till the next one,
RIP, King of Pop


adri-enne said...

Nice post, Tracy. I felt a lot of emotions I never thought I'd feel when I heard about his death. It felt almost unreal.

tracy said...

Me as well.I'm not a crazy fan. But boy, has he had an impact on us!