Tuesday, November 10, 2009

abso-effing-lutely hawt


Melbourne has DONE it AGAIN!
This place is well-known for its extreme weather. You can leave the house in the morning with a jacket cause it's 12 degrees with winds outside. By noon, if you've still got your jacket on, you're ridiculous cause the sun is effing hot and giving you a headache. Then, once the sun is gone, you might need to head home to grab your jacket again if you're going out for dinner cause the cold winds might just come back for a quick visit. And trust me, if you're in a nice summer-y top and a short skirt and the cold winds come along, you'd wish so hard that you had just brought out a sweater instead of having to pay for the stupid cab ride home. That's melbourne weather for you.

And summer just came early. I think.
I remember this time last year, it was still kinda cool with nice winds. It's only the start of november for goodness sake. I even recall that when I went back last year (11 nov), it hailed two days after for two days in a row!!
But now the melbourne weather is INSANE! The sun is sooooooooooo hot it eats into your skin if you're walking under it. Without any kind of shade, you'd wish you had a container that provides you with portable air conditioning when you're out. Ok, probably a car would do the trick. but not everyone prints notes. The heat is INSANE! It feels like back home in Malaysia where everyone rushes into a mall (gurney) to get out of the heat and into some 'free' air conditioning. You need sun-block over your face and your body (we just went to get some from priceline!) or you'd come back home looking like a burnt cookie!

Just a week ago, I told yvonne that she might probably need to bring a scarf on her sydney/melbourne trip cause the nights were 12-14 degrees. Guess her scarf will just sit inside her luggage now since she might even need to walk around in a bikini if possible.

In such weather, it's really important to hydrate and rehydrate yourself to make sure you don't just fall flat on your face in the middle of melbourne. Without enough fluids, fainting might be the next thing to avoid. I haven't been having enough sleep for the past weeks cause of my thesis and I probably haven't been hydrating myself enough either. I had a nose-bleed yesterday, TWICE! Scary okay.. But I had juice this morning with breakfast and bought more juice home too. I've been trying to have as much water as I can to make sure I don't have another nose-bleed. It's embarrassing and irritating to have to position your head in a way that it doesn't flow out/bleed even more. Oh well, it's all better now..

apart from that, all's well here in the city of melbourne. the thesis is completed. the semester is over. and the holidays are here. towards the end of the thesis, I took over the entire dinner table for my work. Obviously, my own study table couldn't handle the pressure.

yea. that's SOME of the journals that I had to read to complete my thesis. There were loads more. On a chair on the left and right of the table!!

But enough of nerdy updates and more of the fun stuff.

My housemate left for Vietnam today so we decided to go out for dinner yesterday before he left. Like a mini-farewell dinner. We planned to go have indian somewhere along lygon but in the midst of all the stress and handing up assignments, we totally forgot that most restaurants close on Mondays! We changed plans and decided to have peking duck but that was closed too. We walked all the way to Bourke Street to have dinner at Postal Lane but THAT was closed too! We walked along Collins to try this underground place but that WAS CLOSED TOO!! It was about 9.30 by then and we were hungry. On our way back to Swanston St, we passed by this Japanese place and decided to give it a try. We walked in and they had teppanyaki. Whee. Yummy. I haven't had someone cooking infront of my face in a while and serving it straight onto my plate while I waited. We shared orders of chicken, beef and seafood. Each set came with veges, rice and miso soup. It was expensive, $50 for each person. But Collins Street wat... wadaya expect?

anyways, here are some photos.

i look really really tired cause i havent had good sleep in two weeks. stayed up all night two nights in a row. that's our housemate, thong

that's a sauce on the left, the veges which I've finished in the middle, and some kinda japanese soy sauce on the right

the veges with seaweed. was really yummy.

the chef, who's working part time there. cause he's a student too!

and that's hunlin waiting patiently for dinner

I don't have that many photos cause I was supposed to update this before I left melbourne for sydney. I was rushing, with lotsa errands to run and packing to do so only managed to upload a couple. Sorry for the very delayed post.

I'm having an awesome time here in sydney now. Hunlin's sister and her bf are awesome hosts. We've been going on day trips and stuff. I finally went to see the Sydney Opera House.Will update with pictures when I get back to Melbourne this wednesday. btw, I got burned :(

Till the next one,
see you back in melbourne!

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