Thursday, November 05, 2009

The last hours

The past weeks have been hectic. There has been so much work to do. Without any extra time on my hands, I've been eating out for the past month, every single day:lunch and dinner. I haven't had much healthy food, barely did any exercise and my work station is filled with papers, notes, books, journal articles, tables, regression analysis, correlations and what-not.

After having only about six hours of sleep every night for the past two weeks or so, it's down to this day. Twenty-four hours till I have to print my thesis. I still have so much to do. So much more to write, so much polishing up and proof-reading. I've survived the entire semester. It's just another day. I can't wait! But this last fight is going to be a hard one. A one that I will never forget.

Till the next one,
Wish me luck and I'll catch up with the world on friday!

ps: It's michelle's birthday today! Happy Birthday babe! It's been ages since I last saw you. I hope you're doing great in perth. I will call you soon to catch up. I miss the times we had in Nilai. Pathetic but priceless. Without you and rengga, Nilai would have been a disaster. Have a blast on this special day of yours! mwahhh

pps: to yvonne, have a safe flight to sydney! Can't wait till you get here. While you're in the plane on your eight hour journey to sydney, I'll be staring at my laptop, typing away and working my ass off!

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