Friday, November 27, 2009

an update of this and that

I've been meaning to update a while ago.
But then I haven't had enough time. After handing in my thesis, we left for Sydney for a week.
We got back after a week and hunlin's friend visited from Tasmania. Been busy the entire week and the day he left, eeling arrived in Melbourne.

On top of that, I had exam scripts to mark. Tons of em. Almost went crazy. But it's all done now. So there's time for updates and everything else.

It's ee's second day in Melbourne only but we've covered quite some ground. Went around the city yesterday, all the way to Federation Square, to DFO after that, to a sexpo after (hehehe, we got student tickets for that! haha. believe it or not!) and to crown at night. So much walking, that by the end of the day, we were so exhausted, all we wanted to do was to shower and take a good nights rest.

It's been a month since I mentioned about my gift in the mail. Well, I've got pictures of it and pictures by it. Hahaha.
Here's what I got...

behold.. a Paul-Smith Lomography Fish Eye Camera. wheeee...
it's very old-school. it uses film so we've gotta go to a camera shop to get 35mm film for it.
But the pictures that we took using it is soooo cool. one thing we've gotta keep in mind is that we've gotta really go close up to the subjects when taking photos. or else, the effect of the lense isn't that obvious.

front view of it.
the lense sticks out and it isn't removable. and it's a limited edition one too! wheee...

here are some photos that we took using the fish-eye lense camera

sand boarding by the beach in sydney. it was sooooooooo fun but it was burning hot under the sun. and the climb up before we can sandboard down is a killer!

we went to this reptile farm too in sydney where there were animals roaming freely around the park. we were given this small bag of food (some kinda cereal) to feed the animals. this looks more like me sniffing the kanga's butt. but it's ok. they were sooooooo cute, adorable, soft and cuddly!

the effect of the lense:standing in front of a lighthouse. the shot wasn't close enough. hence, the lack of the fish-eye effect.

us in Rhodes Shopping Mall in Sydney.
finally, my new facebook profile picture. It's in Sydney and the harbor bridge is somewhere behind.

Till the next one,
wait up for more holiday pictures... wheeeee...


Clara said...

Hello! I've stumbled upon your blog since I've been looking for the Paul Smith Fish Eye since late last year! I was just wondering where you got it and how much was it when you bought it. Thank you so much!!! Hope you'd reply really soon :)

tracy said...

Hi Clara, I got it late last year as a gift. It was from the Paul Smith website online and it was a limited edition. I don't think they would still have it now, but you can check out the Paul Smith website to see if it's still available. price wise, I'm not too sure. Like I mentioned, it was a gift!