Saturday, August 28, 2010

It's all about the money

I think this place deserves another entry. It has been two weeks since my last weekend shopping craze. I bought an iron and clothes. I promised myself I'd stay away from shops last week, and thankfully I managed to. I only spent money on food over the last weekend; a dimsum lunch and desserts in the city.

Unfortunately, my bank balance dropped AGAIN over the past couple of days. I spend 1500 dollars on air tickets! My three week leave got approved last week and I finally got my ticket back to Malaysia for Chinese New Year. I'll be back on the 23rd of January, for three whole weeks. I'm really looking forward to that; although before that I'll be busy with Australian Open since my company is the official sunscreen supplier for that event. If the camera comes my way, I'll remember to wave to say hi to everyone at home. dodgy, I know. I also bought tickets for my mom and grandma to visit me in July next year. I managed to get dirt cheap tickets. $600 dollars for TWO RETURN tickets. Was that a bargain or what? Of course it wasn't Singapore Airlines or Emirates. It was Air Asia.

I realised that once I'm around the city, I tend to spend money quickly AND easily. We bought mooncakes this weekend, a box of four for $44.50. I know that's expensive, but I was rather fussy. I wanted low sugar, white lotus with 2 yolk. I mean, we only eat mooncakes once a year. No harm spending a little more on something that will taste much better.

Oh well, I'm getting paid this Tuesday. Lets hope I manage to save more this month.

Till the next one,
Happy Merdeka Malaysia!
No parties this year, I've gotta work the following day.

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