Sunday, August 08, 2010

Super Steam, Super Glide

There's a sale going on in Myer and I got the catalogue in my mailbox over the week.
Now that I'm staying on my own, household purchases are my responsibility. Unfortunately, some part of my spending money goes to things like frying pans, woks and whatnot.

Now that I'm working (in an office and not teaching at uni anymore), I've got to make sure that my clothes look presentable and not creased. I cannot be meeting people and have crumpled clothes. We already have a smart casual attire (we can wear jeans all we want) and the least we can do is to make sure our clothes look presentable. I think that creased clothes look very unprofessional.

On that note, I got an IRON. A Philips one, mind you.
Yes, I'm getting all domesticated here.
But the iron I got is uber cool.

Power with precision, this steam iron apparently has continuous steam for better crease removal, so the iron does more work and I do less. There's this drip-stop systems so the water doesn't leak out from the bottom. It allows for vertical steam and there's a 100g/min steam boost to remove stubborn creases easily. Damn canggih rite?

I know I don't need an awesome iron because I only do my ironing once a week, but I'd like the chore to be fun and easy, instead of having to iron my clothes for a whole hour because it won't remove the crease from the wash. I also wanted to get a better quality iron because I didn't want to spend $30 on a 'no brand' iron, which doesn't work as well and goes faulty in a year. Investing on this better one which will "fingers crossed" last for years is obviously a better option.

Check out my super cool iron here.

I have yet to try it because my clothes are still in the dryer but I'm already very excited about trying it out. I know it sounds pathetic that I'm writing about irons now when just two years back, I wouldn't have ever thought about spending this much money on an iron. Oh, the iron costs 89 dollars btw.

Till the next one,
I think I need to start spending less. And you should too!


CL said...

TRACY! Are you gonna become a PR in Melbourne or something??? U sound like you're gonna start a family there! Haha. But it's nice to read about your life in Aussie here. Really interesting and show us more of the things u bought!! :D Ish I'm really kaypo. :P

tracy said...

I just enjoy buying stuff. I love walking around the kitchen and electrical department. My next thing on the list is a sandwich maker!