Thursday, September 17, 2009

Back to Reality...

I'm back from my six day trip to beautiful New Zealand.
The country is magnificent with mountains covered with snow and breathtaking scenery.
I went to see Edoras, where the Lord of the Rings movie was filmed and climbed to the top with winds blowing at 60km/h.
Relaxed in thermal pools at about 30-40 degrees with views of snowy mountains.
Fed a one-week-old baby lamb milk from a bottle because its mother decided to abandon her.
Experienced a different type of 'traffic-jam' thanks to sheep trying to cross the road.
Drove across rivers in a 4WD.
Went jetboating, visited the kiwis, took part in a Maori cultural dance and had loads of delicious meals throughout the 6 days there.

We touched down in Melbourne at 5.10pm on Tuesday and for the first time ever, got out from the airport at 5.35pm! There was only one person in front of us at the immigration, our bags came out just in time and they only looked through our 'wood' souveniers and shoes at the customs. In no time, we were done and outside the airport getting a cab back to our place in the city.

I've been busy ever since I got back and still lack of sleep.
I had to tutor all day Wednesday so I only got six hours of sleep before I had to wake up again.
I think my clock is still programmed to Christchurch time (which is two hours ahead of Melbourne) because I woke up at 6am this morning!!! (8am NZ time)

Will update soon enough with proper pictures..

going into the plane

on the way to Edoras (also known as Mount Sunday)

against a perfect backdrop

sheep crossing

Edoras/Mount Sunday

Exactly like the picture... only better

they have beautiful parks
and that goes out to the Pacific Ocean
we had to visit their museum
and take photos
with everything
i took part in a Maori cultural dance
and so did he!

we saw this in a restaurant where we had lunch

and the pig there was staying safe from the swine flu

more pictures next time.

Till the next one,
it's back to work :(

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Kim Ong said...

Wow NZ seems really fun. Lovely pics.