Thursday, September 03, 2009

Ethics Approved

After months of worrying about my ethics application for my research project, it finally got APPROVED THIS AFTERNOON!

What a relief!
I submitted the application months ago and it came back a couple of times.
Each time, there were several changes which needed to be made. It was either the 'wording of the sentences' were not appropriate or they needed more clarification about my research, how I was going to acquire participants and such.
They even made some comments asking me to change some parts of my questionnaire design, stating that the questions were either repetitive or that some questions would cause 'distress' to the participants.

Changed the application a whole lotta times and printed like a million times to show my supervisor. Used up shitloads of ink throughout the way and rephrased my sentences over and over again.

But thankfully, it's now approved by the Ethics Committee (the faculty ethics committee, not the actual one, that one is currently still pending), and I can finally start sending out my surveys and questionnaires.

I'm setting up my survey on which is an online survey tool which enables me to prepare my questionnaires online and gives me my data in the gibberish format that only the SPSS program would understand. Then SPSS will do the analysing for me and from there, I'd get my results for my research project.

Fingers crossed that the University's Human Ethics Committee approves my project and does not withdraw or alter it in any way. That would be like helping me dig my grave. Did i mention that my thesis is due on the 23rd of October???

That's in less than 50 days!
And I've still got my introduction, literature review chapter, the methodology chapter, results chapter, discussion chapter and managerial implications and conclusions! gosh =(

If you're an international student currently studying in Australia, do let me know. because I NEED YOU for my research. well, need your help if you're willing to participate.

Till the next one,
wish me luck...i need it...

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