Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sky high killers

I've figured out why it is so difficult to walk around Melbourne with heels. Any type of heel, be it 3 inches or your killer 4 inch stilettos. I've been here for almost two years now and I think I've transformed from loving the 'three-inch-killer-heels" to the 'ballet-flats-freak'.

When I first got here, I brought a couple of my favourite heels including my four-inch peep-toe black heels. I'm a girl-y girl and all gals love their make-up, bags and shoes. We melt when we pass a shoe-shop. We go ga-ga when we walk in and see the killer heels on display. And our hearts melt even more when we try them on, telling ourselves that we need just this extra pair for that 'special occasion' to go with 'that' outfit. Just like the girls in Sex and the City, women all around the world spend heaps on shoes even if they already have boxes sitting at home waiting to be worn for an afternoon out with the girls.

my first pair of three inch heels

No girl will ever have enough shoes to go with their outfits and because of that, the 'shoe business' will never have to worry. Despite the weather or the distance, we always have the 'no pain, no gain' concept and that the price to pay to look stunning in a pair of bright red 4-inch stilettos is that your feet WOULD hurt at the end of the day. No doubt about that.

my first pair of 4-inch heels

I think that heels do make a huge difference when it comes to appearance. Wearing something that lifts you up even by a mere 2-inches gives you that edge over others. Also, it makes you look more 'presentable' as compared to walking in the room with a pair of flip-flops or ballet flats. But throughout this year, I've left my beautiful heels in their boxes by the shoe rack and only take them out for special occasions.

My reasons start with excuses.

Firstly, in Melbourne, one does more walking than anything else. And since I don't have a car, I walk heaps more. Getting from one place to another in the city does not take hours so walking is just an easier option. And cheaper too. Which explains why I don't wear my heels all that often anymore. A ‘one-hour’ walk in the city could easily turn to 3-4 hours and by then, my feet would be killing me. And that would obviously spoil the day. So, to make things much easier, wearing a pair of ballet flats would solve all the problems. I’d be able to walk for ‘for-ever’ and I won’t be complaining about my feet. I’d also be able to run towards the tram stop to catch that tram if I needed to and the pair of ballet flats would gloriously do the trick.

Honestly, I think the main reason why people do not wear heels as often as they want to is obviously not because the heels hurt them. If that was the case, no one would have 4-inch heels anymore. I think it’s because of Melbourne’s ups-and-downs. And with that, I mean slopes. Unlike many other places, the city isn’t built on flat land. To get to Federation Square from Melbourne University is a downhill walk. It’s not very steep but it’s downhill alright. The thing is that if it is just one hill/slope thingy that I’ve gotta face, that’s quite alright. The fact is that the whole of Melbourne city is like that. Before you know it, you’re walking uphill again. And then down. And trust me, that is not an easy thing to do if you’re 4-inches taller than you really are. It takes a lot of practice and skill, throwing in abit of knee-bending and stability control.

Sometimes when I’m in the city and I look around me, I really do wonder how these women take it. They’re walking FAST and trust me, their heels aren’t Manolo Blahniks.

But then again, I guess that’s the price women pay to look inches taller than they are in a pair of smokin-hawt heels.

in other news....

jean's 22 today!

nope, she's not that young kid anymore...

Happy birthday jean!!! hope you had a blast!

Till the next one,
may we all stay young and beautifulll.... wheeeee

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