Friday, September 25, 2009

Remember my name....

I've been a fan of dance, music and musicals all my life.
When I was way younger, my grandfather (miss you loads kung kung) and I used to sing songs together, dance around the living room and pretend that we were part of some famous musical.

At the age of 5, I learned my favourite songs and remember them till today.
Songs from My Fair Lady and Phantom of the Opera used to play on the cassette player all afternoon while I do my colouring and while my grandfather took his afternoon nap.

He was a great musician (though he never took any classes before) could play the piano by ear, guitar and some traditional chinese instrument (I have no idea what it's called). He used to love to sing and have the music blast out from his speakers all afternoon when he read the paper. I remember my poh-poh screaming at him, asking him to turn the volume down. She said she needed her peace, and so did he, with his music.

He was the best kung-kung I could ever ask for. He was always there for every St. Christopers concert I was in. Whether I was just talking about my artwork or singing a song with the entire class, he was always there with his huge video camera recording every single moment. When my mom was busy working, he used to fetch me for my ballet lessons. He said I could not miss one lesson cause mom paid a lot of money for it and that I wouldn't be the best dancer in the world if I missed a lesson or two. He would fetch me all the way there and while I was in my one-hour class, he would be outside reading the papers or mostly taking his afternoon nap. After class, he would ask me if remembered my dance steps, made any mistakes or dance beautifully. I'd laugh and say that I tried my best.

taken from my old xanga blog cause all my pictures are back in kl

When I was 12, he had to go. He fell sick from a common cold and it got worse within days. He got admitted on Thursday night and left us on Sunday morning. Even until today, I miss him dearly. I promised that I would do well in life, make him proud of me and be the best person I can possibly be. I studied hard and aced my exams. I went for every single dance class without fail and though I wanted to give up and stop many times, I remembered how much hard work I've put in and how he would want me to keep dancing, I kept my promise. I finished my Grade 8 Ballet RAD examinations when I was 15 and achieved Honours every year. Took classes after that but decided to take a break from dance since I was dancing since I was four.

Every single time I watch a musical or see a dance inspired movie, I wish I never stopped my ballet classes. I miss the times where I could just dance my heart out because in the dance class, I knew I aced every single step, every single pirouette, every grand jete and every bar exercise that we used to do to warm up for the class, or more like to get our steps precise.

I think that dance is beautiful and graceful. You'd probably think that ballerinas look stupid in a leotard, thighs and their hair tied up neatly in a bun. But from a first point of view, it's the best feeling ever. I feel that every single time I go for class. Whether I remembered the steps or not. Whether I warmed up before or did my stomach exercises at home. Standing at the 'bar' with everyone just reminds me of the best times.

Which is why I'm sooooooooo excited about FAME THE MOVIE!

I watched the musical when it came to Kuala Lumpur years back. I was so excited that I was going to watch a dance musical. At 15, FAME blew me away. The steps were so precise. Their turn-outs were perfect. And their lines stretched out all the way. They had so much enthusiasm when they were dancing up on the stage that it made me wish I had attended a school of performing arts instead of St. George's Girls' School =(

My dream was always to be part of a musical or to teach ballet when I grew up. To show them how much fun it is to dance and to perform your best. I've blogged about dance movies before in my old blog and I can do it over and over again without running outta things to say.

and now... FAME is out in the cinemas.
I'm going to watch it tonight and I'm already itching to go. My butt can't sit still on my chair and my brains are only thinking about the songs and the dance steps. I'm watching the trailer over and over again and lets just say, if I don't watch it tonight, I doubt I'd be able to sleep.

Fame is out in the cinemas here in Melbourne so catch it if you're a fan of dance and music. Even before watching the movie, I can assure you that it is NOT some kinda 'high school musical' movie. Yes, it will have the dances and singing and music, but it's better than that. WAY BETTER.

until now, in my fourth year of studies completing my honours degree in Bachelor of Business, Marketing, I'd still give anything to attend a performing arts school to fulfill my dance dream. Anything!

Till the next one,
remember my name... FAME!

Honestly, I'm disappointed with the movie. It was not what I expected. Probably I had too high expectations for it, but if you asked another dancer to watch it, they'd say the same thing too. They didn't portray enough talent throughout the movie and it was more acting than anything else. Also, for a movie like this, it was way too short to fit in dances of different genres and that was what let it down. Centre Stage is still on the top of my list and lets say that it's gonna stay there for a while till something better comes along. I'm surprised how the musical was wayyy better than the movie... =(

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