Friday, October 16, 2009

my first time

I live with two architects in the house. Lately, I have been extremely frustrated with my assignments and decided that I should give myself a break. My life is all about reading journal articles over and over, gathering information and all that boring stuff. Don't get me wrong. It can be interesting at times, cause I learn alot in the process. But months of this can get rather frustrating.

But what an architecture student does all the time is sooo different from what I do. They model stuff, they design facades, they draw sections and landscapes and renders so that it all looks like what we see in the adverts. It sounds interesting but I'm sure it gets boring after a while.

Since I was up early this morning, I decided that I'd give some archi drawings a try. I mean, how hard can it be? I see the two boys work on it everyday with lines and stuff. So with a little help from my personal tutor during my first ever AUTOCAD class, I managed to come up with my very own 'section' of a Penguin's Burrow. All in a matter of 10 minutes. wheee....

and this is what it looks like...

click on photos to see em in full size.

obviously it's nothing compared to what architects draw. they'd think that mine's just a piece of paper with stupid lines. But for a first timer, i think it looks rather convincing that it's a penguin's burrow.

oh, by the way, a section is a 'cut-through' of a building. It reveals the vertical spaces within a building (all from an architect's point of view. so geeky rite? hahaha)

I've got a format of a proper section but it's in pdf format. when i get one that i can post up, you'll see how much work my architect-to-be puts in for his projects and designs

till the next one,
it's back to typing and reading, spss and all that other boring stuff

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