Thursday, October 22, 2009

Need a wash?

We bought a new device yesterday on our way back from dinner. I was supposed to only get some bread and smoked salmon to make breakfast from ALDI but we came across this very cool device. At first I thought it was a waste of money. We've survived two years here without it, why did we need it all of a sudden. But then, after looking at the box and reading what was written on it, I gave in. But I said "I'm not paying for it!!" It was $29.90 for that stupid thing (almost RM100) and if we were going to use it just once, why waste the money. Then he came about saying how useful this device would be. It could ... bla bla bla..... and bla bla bla... and bla bla bla.

I ended up paying for everything, my groceries and the stupid thinga-ma-jig.

And behold, this is what we got.
The cheap-o, no-brand mini steam cleaner from ALDI
okla. the brand's Lumina and it comes with a 1-year warranty. so it wasn't too bad. but you get what I mean...

versatile cleaner somemore. we can clean everything.

this is how it looks like. looks like the 'bug spray thingy'

and behold, the steam-cleaner staff. he's so happy with the purchase he fixed it up and used it the minute we got home!

a couple of things in our room needed a good wash. and they weren't looking forward to it.

we lined them all on the floor and the only fella who 'got away' was lamby. We got it from our recent trip to New Zealand so he's new. That's the only thing that saved him from the steam cleaner

First up, KORI the KOALA

He really looked miserable there. I wanted to save him but hunlin insisted he get a wash. or he goes off the bed and onto the shelf.

It started with less steam just in case he wasn't used to the heat. you know how fussy koalas are

and then it became worse....kori almost poop-ed in his fur

'gluey the giraffe' and 'miri the monkey' were just staring in fear wondering how bad theirs would be =(

they all had their individual washes and then a group one.

both on the back side

and on the front. lamby just stared from the bed going wheeeeeee...

mario was the worst. he was so dusty and dirty he got extra washes.

i wonder if the steam made him fuzzy

but at the end of the day, all of them got to sleep in the bed!

Till the next one,
go give your loved ones a wash!


Chia Li said...

Hahaha..Lamby must be feeling deserted! What a cute post, Tracy! Especially those lying on the cute!! :DD

judy said...

tracy! love it!! cute! n i can imagine u telling that stories!!
n ur voice! ahaha

miss miss miss u! hehe

tracy said...

to chiali: hehehe... thanks! guess they really needed cleaning. they were kinda dusty! kokkuan (is that how you spell it? hehe) is in melb??

to judy: mwissss you too! update your blog more often so I don't get left out! will catch up with you when im home

Chia Li said...'s Kok Kwan actually..yeah he's in Melbourne now as exchange student for a year in Melbourne Uni. How long left before u come back to M'sia for good?? It's been really long since we met!